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Congratulations Montsaye Academy for being recognised as a LOCKDOWN HERO by Pearson National Teaching Awards.


Northants Live asked readers to name a school they would like to single out for a mention and once again Montsaye Academy was praised for going above and beyond: ‘from 9am on day 1 the children have received good quality online lessons with their teachers …..they have been on hand and helpful to students and parents’

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We’re not surprised – just delighted

GREAT WORK Montsaye and a big thank you to all our Pathfinder staff, parents and pupils for making this possible

Across Pathfinder Schools we are working together to ensure that our pupils are continuing to enjoy and progress in their learning, whether they are at home or at school.  We understand that home learning remains a very new experience for our families, so during lockdown we will be keeping in touch  to share our top tips and ideas of new things to try.

This week we are very happy to share some tips and resources for you to use at home with your families, as well as some great ideas to learn while taking a break from screens. You can download the guide at the bottom of this article, we really hope you enjoy using it. 

We cannot thank you enough for your support and all you are doing to assist your children’s learning, the more we stay at home the sooner we will all be back in school safely. That day cannot come soon enough for us all.



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From 17th June Montsaye Community Learning Partnership (MCLP) has a new name, vision and values.  Now known as Pathfinder Schools, we want to show our communities that we are a group of schools with something truly different to offer, we are proud to be a Trust that empowers each school to focus on the many small things that make a young person amazing not purely their educational outcomes. We believe that life is about more than success.  We are proud to be part of something much bigger, making a real difference to our communities.