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Pathfinder Schools - A Local Trust Daring to be Different

From 17th June Montsaye Community Learning Partnership (MCLP) has a new name, vision and values.  Now known as Pathfinder Schools, we want to show our communities that we are a group of schools with something truly different to offer, we are proud to be a Trust that empowers each school to focus on the many small things that make a young person amazing not purely their educational outcomes. We believe that life is about more than success.  We are proud to be part of something much bigger, making a real difference to our communities.

MCLP was featured recently in the Northants Telegraph for Montsaye Academy’s successful OFSTED outcome and it’s proven track record of providing good quality education, with all 8 founder member schools now being rated as ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted. 

Ann Davey CEO explained, ‘we have worked closely with Sharon Short Marketing and all key stakeholders to understand what it is that makes us stand out amongst other multi academy trusts. This exercise has really helped us to find out what our purpose, vision and values are and distill these into the identity of Pathfinder Schools’

Our Vision

At the heart of every Pathfinder School is the belief that life is about more than success; it’s about greatness.  The secret to finding this greatness lies in our everyday actions that make life more fulfilling and more rewarding for us and those around us.

Our Values 

Our values lie at the heart of all we do, everything we do and say radiates from these. At Pathfinder Schools, we are all about inspiring greatness; together, we want to develop inspirational schools, which instill independence, humanity and collaboration in every learner, enabling them to find the greatness within them.