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Well Done to Lola and Faith – Loatlands Primary School

Lola, Faith and their mum worked hard to help the local community during lockdown. They covered the railings at the front of their house with a fantastic display, every single sheet was hand coloured individually by all 3 of them and they spent a whole weekend putting the display together. It was split into 4 different sections

The first part of the display was a colouring competition they ran for local children to take part in when they were out on their hour of daily exercise. They chose a different theme each week and chose two different picture templates for children to take and colour in, which could then be put into the competition entry box outside their house. Lola and Faith drew out 4 winners at random each week, each winner received a small prize and had their picture displayed outside for the following week. 

The second section said 'thank you to all our key workers' and included pictures of all the different types of key workers they could think of. The third section said 'we are all in this together #fightcovid19’ this whole section was solely thought out and created by Lola.

Then the last section was all related to mental health and wellbeing, where there were positive and inspirational quotes and various calming/anxiety techniques for people to look at.

What an amazing thing to do, Well done to you all!