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We believe parents and carers play an invaluable role in helping to shape their child's education, and in inspiring a school to offer the best possible environment for learning.  In 2018 we conducted in-depth research with parents, carers and pupils from across our family of schools in order to find out how they felt about our schools and help us to understand how we could develop further.

The results were a validation of the commitment of all our staff, and emphasise how parents of current pupils feel about the choice they have made for their child:

  • The Trust’s strengths lie in its people - as a collective, we care, work hard, we are approachable and responsive.
  • Parents love the support that surrounds their children.
  • We make them and their children feel valued, safe and important to us and are open and accepting of all.
  • We make the effort to know and understand them.

Here’s what parents and carers say about our schools:

“Teachers are really creative in finding the most amazing ways to develop our children’s curiosity and they really make learning fun for the kids”

“The school has high standards, a great caring atmosphere and my child loves coming here.”

“I cannot thank the school enough for everything they have done for our three children over the past few years. For the many hours of love and support they have given them, for teaching them and helping them grow into phenomenal little people”.

“It has been a privilege to have my children in the school. We owe a huge thank you for walking this path with us”.

Here’s what some of our pupils said about our Trust and our schools

‘It’s great, because we can see how the other schools work and they all get to know us’

‘We have good lessons and the teachers always make them fun’

‘It’s like a big family, we welcome everyone’

‘The atmosphere is really welcoming here and makes you feel safe’

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